I liked to read from an early age, and I spent many years in school, but not all of my pursuits have been academic. I enjoy photography and considered a career as a photographer or filmmaker—but I went to law school instead. An appreciation for images and stories helps me identify ways to enliven material that is heavily didactic or expository to make it more interesting.

Why am I an Editor?

In law school I learned to “think like a lawyer” but, as an editor on the Law Review, I also learned to think like an editor. When I was ready to read something other than legal briefs and opinions, I started accepting a limited number of clients in need of assistance preparing their manuscripts for publication. 

Why am I writing a book?

When I realized that I was making many of the same suggestions repeatedly, I prepared some notes to share with my clients. After I joined the authonomy* community, I thought that many of the members who were seeking feedback on their writing projects would benefit from my notes. I added new material and turned my notes into chapters, which I made available through the site. The response was positive, so I decided to write a book (and I am still trying to find the time to finish it. I keep finding new things I want to add!).

*authonomy was a site that HarperCollins Publishers operated for about seven years. Members were given the opportunity to upload and share their works. At the end of each month, the top five books on the site (based on a ranking system) were selected for review by a HarperCollins editor. In December of 2011, The Impeccable Editor’s Guide to Writing (and Rewriting) was one of the top five. The editor’s review was later posted on the site. HarperCollins shut down authonomy in 2015.)

(See the Guide for Writers page for more about my work in progress) 

Why do I call myself “The Impeccable Editor”?

I do my best to help my clients express themselves effectively, whether that requires reviewing website content, critiquing a novel or memoir, or correcting punctuation errors in a screenplay or other document, and I aim for a standard of impeccability. (The word was actually applied to me by an associate, and I decided to embrace it.)

I’m not an English teacher, and I don’t know every rule of grammar. Languages evolve. But writing well matters to me. (I’m also not a robot! I don’t claim to be perfect. Even the best editors overlook errors on occasion. As with any other skill, different editors have different strengths.)

If you are looking for an ally to assist you in improving your written work, check out my services and contact me at: YourWritingAlly(at)zoho(dot com) for rates and availability.